My wife and I have three children and are routinely asked, “are you done?” First, it’s really none of anyone’s business when my wife and I decide to put quantifiable goal in our love lives, and second, I don’t honestly know. Generally my wife and I discuss that we’d like to adopt. Now before we go any further, I do realize that adoption is something that white Americans love, but move beyond the cynicism and see the beauty.
I recently watched a video on a family that has adopted nine kids from around the world and many have severe handicaps. The father made the point that the “ransom of a child’s life is beautiful.” Needless to say, as I watched this video I began to tear up. Mostly because the idea that these kids who knew nothing but loneliness had been rescued and redeemed by a couple for no other reason than love. One of the teenage boys was born without arms and about halfway through the clip he begins to play piano and sing “How He Loves” by John Mark McMillian, and suddenly you get this picture of how Christ sees us.
The boy discusses that in Romania (where he was born) “deformities” were considered a curse by God and that at the age of one he only weighed nine pounds due to the lack of care and attention. This family then came and pulled him from that, fed him, gave him clothes, gave him hope, love, and a family. This is the very picture of Christ. Here we are sitting alone and in the dark and Christ’s love comes through and wraps us up. We’re made heirs into the kingdom and given the keys. Beautiful.
This whole planet is truly an island of misfit toys and I think that’s why we spend so much time altering or escaping who we are – through friends, drugs, movies, etc. Christ comes in and says, “it’s ok, I’ll take you as you are.” Does this mean he says everything we do is ok? No. He has expectations, but so does every family. We must be expected to then be a representative of the family, we carry the name, we carry the crest. This means that the love Christ has given us must be passed along. What good is a family member that only receives love but does not pass it along?
All of the kids featured in the video seemed content beyond most kids in biological homes. These are kids who know what true love looks like because it’s been given to them. The parents have said that it does not matter what you look like, we love you. Christ says the same.