“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted, and saves those who are crushed in spirit” Psalms 34:18

What words can be said when the lives of innocent children are brutally taken? Are there any words? Is merely a time of reflection and holding our loved ones the only response? As a father I grieve with those who grieve and mourn with those who mourn. The thought of having my kids taken from me is horrifying and moves me to near tears. The actions and events seen today should never have been seen, should never have happened, yet here we are. Until Christ comes and makes all things new, we must continually suffer through horrific moments.

But take heart, for our God is a god of suffering. Our God is a god who suffered. He tore a piece of himself off and sent him here to the earth to suffer and die. This is a God that knows our pains, our anger, our emotion. This is a God that can in moments like this, hold us and comfort us. As his followers, we must do the same for those hurting. Be Christ to those in pain. Be Christ to those wandering in the desert. Be Christ this Christmas by showing compassion and mercy to those who hurt and need it.

We are not without hope. We are not without love. Christ knows fully what it means to lose the one you love the most. Christ on the cross himself experienced the epitome of loss – God himself turning his back. Christ felt the loss of himself in a way. This is the power of Christ and the cross – that Jesus himself bridges the gap so that we too may bridge the gap. Kevin spoke of the trinity being intertwined within us. That the creator himself is tied to his creation. This is beautiful and especially so in times of loss. The God that created all, knows all, looks at you and says, “me too, I’ve experienced loss.” Then he says, “come to me and find rest.”
May the families affected and those not related but still affected find solace and rest in Christ.