When it comes to music, I need thoughtful lyrics. Sorry Carly Rae Jepsen, I need more than “call me maybe.” Frankly, I do not even need to agree with everything being said but I need it to be intelligent.

This is probably where I should clarify that I’m a massive music snob. I really try not to be but I’ve put so much effort into finding music I like that I’ve hit the point of no return. It’s really the same as a person who only enjoys fine wines. You develop your pallet enough and you no longer like the $2.97 wine from Walmart. I’m this way about music.

I need to know that the writer/singer is putting effort into what they’re doing. As simple as it sounds, give me misguided passion in music versus guided emptiness. I’ve heard it said that God is glorified when something does what it was created to do. So if a tree grows and gives fruit, it’s a testament to God’s glory. Does this also apply to music? Can music that has no lyrical content for Christ product him? I don’t know myself, this is truly an open ended question.

Why shouldn’t I gravitate toward depth? I need to be challenged. I need to be stretched. Whether it comes from a book or song, it’s good to be malleable. We as saints need to be malleable. Perhaps not on everything, there are some basic tenets of our faith, but we need to be willing to change positions if need be.

We need to be ready to be malleable for what Christ gives us. We needn’t be like Jonah who was so hard pressed against God’s work that God had to send him the mother of all wake up calls. Eventually God’s will was done, but if Jonah had been willing from the beginning he may have saved himself from grief and having his clothes smell like dead fish for weeks.

I think a lot about Christ’s words in discussing how much God wants to give us good gifts. I think we have to be willing to sacrifice ourselves to receive these gifts. There’s a vulnerability factor here. We need to be willing to receive what God gives us. We must be so in tune with the Spirit that as God moves so do we.

Gifts from God can take so many forms. Not all are new Ferrari’s or Benny Hinn prayer clothes. Some are lessons taught through life altering experiences. Some are words from a stranger and some are just the daily air we take in. Look for the gifts from the father throughout your life. Be willing to be changed by him. Don’t fight.