Based on the response of my music post, I’ll avoid talking music from now on. I realize that my views do not represent the readership.

So here we are, nine days into the new year. Did you hit the gym today? How’s the calorie counting going? Did you start your novel/screenplay/concerto/sculpture/rubik’s cube/chef class/grad school/savings/etc? Or did you already throw it all out the window? You threw it out the window didn’t you? I started a novel last year, ask me how it is….go ahead….NOT FINISHED, that’s how it is. Thanks NBC for starting the TV show Revolution, my idea is now pointless.

That’s how all new years start correct? Grandiose ideas and plans followed by abject indifference. That’s ok, dust yourself off and in the words of the great Chumbawumba “get up again.” There’s still 356 days for you to totally and completely dominate. But where do you truly begin?

Our church is about to start an eight month study through The Story. What’s The Story? It’s a hipster version of the bible. I realize that the staff and elders probably do not want us calling it that, but it totally is. It’s a “hey let’s make the bible read like a novel so more people will love it” version. And despite my pitiful jokes here I am very excited about starting this series. I’ve read through the bible once and it was fantastic for me spiritually and emotionally and I am very keen to get going again. There’s power in the words – I realize that’s the most generic statement ever, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

The power of the Spirit and the power of the written word come together and every time I really delve into the bible I find new facets of God and new ways to have him work on me. I’ll avoid the inerrant/non-inerrant argument here, but I will say the Spirit guiding you through the words is really where the power is. It’s amazing that words written so long ago can be so fresh and powerful when the Spirit comes on you and them. It really shows that God in all his power desires newness and change in us. Does this mean we focus solely on the Bible? No, there is prayer and communion with fellow saints that needs to happen. I like to say that the common thread of Christ through saints moves beyond humanity and connects in ways we will never fully understand. Deep spiritual talk with a close friend is incredibly rewarding and can edify and build up. You need to search out these people and have deep meaningful conversations, these will build relationships and build your faith in Christ.

If you haven’t made resolutions or if you’re like me and have totally thrown them out the window, let me give you this one – seek out deeper relationships and conversations with fellow believers. Find someone that will challenge you in your faith, challenge you to follow Christ closer and become less of a wretch. Go.