I was awoken at 4AM this morning by my oldest jumping into our bed and declaring that he was escaping a nightmare about a “monster” out to get him. With it being 4AM, I had no option but to let him stay and allow my sleep to suffer.

Side note here – how is it possible that in a king size bed our five year old can amazingly eat up the most room?! How is it that when allowed to join the parent’s bed, the child suddenly becomes a 6’11” NBA player trying to take all the covers? This I’ll never know.

The reason I bring up his dream is because of something that happened to our youngest last year. My wife’s grandmother suffered a stroke in 2007 and had never recovered, but carried on through February of 2012. I do not remember the exact date, but on a Sunday last February the family gathered at her bedside as it was apparent that her last moments on earth were near. My wife’s grandmother was a woman of great faith, a missionary in Africa, a teacher to many, and the foundation for an amazing family legacy. As the family gathered and sang hymns around her bed, my father in law had our youngest, who at the time was seven months old, in his arms. As the final moments happened, our youngest began to stare at the ceiling laughing and reaching up for something that was obviously there to him, and not to us. My wife had long prayed that somehow our kids would know her grandmother (and grandfather, who had passed in 2000) and at that moment, our youngest did.

I realize this is a bit out there for some, but it shouldn’t be. As young children, we are the closest to God and heaven we can be, we’re in tune with the spiritual world, because we are not yet jaded by reality. I think this is why Christ wants us to come as little children to him – unashamed and looking for the spiritual world all around us. This is obviously not easy, but we have to seek him, seek spiritual conversations and genuinely pray for the kingdom to manifest itself in our lives. That we, like the naivetĂ© in a child, see the wonder around us.

So if you have kids and they talk of monsters or something in their room, don’t dismiss it. Talk through it, pray with them. Teach them of spiritual things while they are young. Encourage them to look for Jesus all around.