Last week a little boy in our church lost his fight with cancer, he was six. Yesterday I found out that a friend of mine (and his wife) lost their baby one day after he was born. Suffering, pain. To quote the seminal Christian band – Caedmon’s Call –

This world has nothing for me.
And this world has everything.
All that I could want
And nothing I could need

This world is full of heartache and honestly – I sat down and cried last night over my friend that lost his newborn. I don’t have the full details, but it appears they knew the little boy wouldn’t make it, and embraced the brief moment they had together. This is where the power of the God we serve comes in. We probably hit this topic every post, but I am more aware of it than normal this week – our God is a God that suffered and our God is a God that is with us through suffering.

Some may say – well if God truly cares – he would prevent cancer, disease, pain, etc. Where would be the freeness of our will and who we are in Him, if he consistently intervenes and “zaps” his will and direction for us? I don’t fully understand how all this works, how our prayers are petitioned to God. How some are healed and some are not, but despite that I fall down and praise him for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Since this is the only existence we know, we view our lives through this lens, through this broken miserable lens. But we do not wallow in this, we rise above it. Christ came for redemption and if we wallow in the mire, we do not allow his power to actually be manifested in this world. Too often I’ve heard Christians say, “well we’re just a sorry broken group looking for hope and grace.” No, I’m sorry that’s not correct, we are a sorry broken group that’s FOUND hope and grace. You do not need to focus on the pain, focus on the power through the pain. Focus on the healing through the sin. As Paul says, we do not continually sin so that may grace may abound. We have hope and grace in the surpassing knowledge of Christ our King.