Let’s start this week by giving you a little interaction. This is a relatively unknown Bono song from the horribly failed movie – Million Dollar Hotel. Forget the movie, listen to the track called “Falling At Your Feet” and see the lyrics below.

every chip from every cup
every promise given up
every reason that’s not enough
is falling, falling at your feet
every band elastic limit
every race when there’s nothing in it
every winner that’s lost a ticket
is falling, falling at your feet
i’ve come crawling, falling at your feet

everyone who needs a friend
every life that has no end
every knee not ready to bend
is falling, falling at your feet
i’ve come crawling, now i’m falling at your feet

all fall down (all the manic dazed faces that you pull)
all fall down (all the action is not under your control)
all fall down (the graffiti rolling down off of your tongue)
all fall down (and the compromise you make for some)

every teenager with acne
every face that’s spoiled by beauty
every adult tamed by duty
they’re all falling at your feet

every foot in every face
every cop’s stop who finds the grace
every prisioner in the maze
every hand that needs an ace
is falling, falling at your feet
i’ve come crawling, and i’m falling at your feet

(all fall down) all the books you never read
(all fall down) just started
(all fall down) all the meals you rushed
(all fall down) never tasted

every eye closed by a bruise
every player who just can’t lose
every pop star howling abuse
every drunk back on the booze
all falling at your feet
oh i’m falling at your feet

(all fall down) all the information
(all fall down) all the big ideas
(all fall down) all the radio waves
(all fall down) electronic seas
(all fall down) how to navigate
(all fall down) how to simply be
(all fall down) to know when to wait
(all fall down) this plain simplicity
(all fall down) in whom shall i trust
(all fall down) how might i be still
(all fall down) teach me to surrender
(all fall down) not my will, thy will

Ok so if you listened, or read the lyrics above – bravo. This song gets me every time I hear it. You can take it a couple of ways 1) Eventually everyone will bow down. 2) We’re already all bringing glory to God because we exist and breathe. Based on what I know of Bono, the second one is more likely what he means. I think this goes well with another U2 lyric – Blessings aren’t just for the ones that kneel.

This isn’t to say that we cannot choose to not bring glory to God, but it does mean that the creation always bring glory to the creator merely because it exists. The Model T Ford brings honor to Henry Ford because it points to the creator, even if it’s not running, it’s still a created piece by Henry Ford. This whole earth points to God’s glory, as it all points to its creator.

So what does this mean? It means that we have a responsibility to view others as God does – valued souls. It also means – as Kevin pointed out – we have a responsibility to be wise stewards of the earth. This all brings glory to God, we must make sure that we do the same. We need to raise the level of concern and care we have for our fellow man. We need to be careful of how we speak to our fellow man.

I think about this a lot in my job. I won’t go into details, but it’s a fairly standard office job. There are plenty of chances to be a complete jerk, and in some ways the jerk mentality is praised and sought after. I’ve often heard coworkers treating others with complete disregard for their humanity and respect. As a follower of Christ I cannot do this. I must show that I recognize the worth of who they are.

We’re all falling at the feet of Christ. We’re all at his feet, and we’re all eventually going to see him, glorified. Love your neighbor as yourself.