I’ve been wife and kid free this week, and I have to be honest….it’s terrible. Some people probably think – oh you’re a free man. You can do what you want! Sure, I guess? Last night I got home and started working on a script for a little project later this year and looked up around 7:30 and realized I hadn’t eaten dinner. With my wife and family gone, I’m a mess. You become accustomed to the screaming (the kids, not the wife), you become accustomed to a routine, you enjoy what you have.

I truly am grateful for the way God has orchestrated my life. For those of you that don’t know, my wife and I met when she and I were 18. We married at 20. Let that sink in for a moment will you? The average age is somewhere around 28 for men and 26 for women. We were 20. Think of the 20 year olds you know – they aren’t much fun are they? They just want to do the Harlem Shake and talk about Katy Perry (is she still a big thing?). Generally my wife and I tell people – look getting married at 20 isn’t for everyone, in fact, we don’t recommend it for generally anyone, yet that’s what God had for us.

You see at 20 I was still impressionable. I hadn’t gotten used to a routine, I hadn’t crafted traits that were immovable. She could still mold me – and it worked. I’m not one to act as if she hasn’t crafted the man you read today. I wouldn’t be anything without her. I’d probably be playing in a failed band called Temptress Monkey Cannon or something like that. Let’s just say it wouldn’t be pretty. God knew I needed a rock, a person to come alongside and carry me through.

And then there are the kids. How people can have children and then not give a **** about them makes no sense to me. Honestly. These are pieces of you. These are pieces of your heart and soul. How can you not become so enraptured by this? In fact I’m going on a soapbox here – if you have children and still find yourself more obsessed with yourself, you clearly have your priorities out of whack. This isn’t to say that your children become your only focus – that’s unhealthy as well – but that you put thought into them, you pour into them. The inherent issue with the younger generations is that parents today treat their kids as if they are not important, as if they don’t matter. When you are taught you don’t matter by the very people that brought you into existence, you are going to have a hard time treating others with respect.

So there – I miss my wife and kids, that’s really all. I’ll see them again this evening, and I cannot wait. Yes, I’m just a big softie.