So I’ve learned a few things from this blog –

1) You hate when I discuss music.

2) You hate when I discuss WW2.

So there, that pretty much eliminates my two greatest passions. Thanks guys. Thanks a lot.

All of the above is uncorrelated to the items below, for the record.

I meet with a group of guys once a month…on the first Tuesday…..we call it First Tuesday….we’re awesome. Needless to say, we meet on the first Tuesday of every month and hang out. Generally the conversations include God, music, life, family, etc. We gather at a pub and it doesn’t matter if we drink or not, we still hang out. Last night was extra special as we stumbled upon a whiskey tasting. Now, first let me be clear – I am not one to encourage drinking to excess, nor am I one to encourage drinking in general, but a whiskey tasting? Yes. That I can get behind. There happened to be only five out of the normal nine of us and we got to enjoy a nice quiet evening surrounded by bottles of whiskey I will never be able to pay for. $200 bottles of whiskey? I’m out. WAY OUT. That being said – true christian fellowship took place there.

There’s something sacred about breaking bread and drink with other people. You have someone enraptured for the full period. There’s no where to go, there’s no where to hide. There is merely conversation happening and hearts being intertwined. I enjoy these nights as it’s a chance to come together and tear down walls and masks and just be “real” (if I may use 90s slang) in front of each other.

I’ve never hidden the fact that I like food. I’m a foodie, but without the gross superflous income – three kids will do that. But I do love gathering with others over a good meal. I think this is why Jesus gives us the last supper – he knows the meal is vital. He knows that coming together over food is a passion and a vital part of who we are. Obviously there are other parts of the last supper that have a greater weight, but notice – it’s still a meal.

Sadly in today’s age, we’ve reduced meals to an abbreviated mess of fast food and shortened nutrition that slaps the face of generations before us. I am truly blessed to be married to a wonderful cook that also has a concern for our health. I digress though – back to the issue at hand – gatherings with fellow believers. Man such power. Christ says where two or three are gathered in his name, he is there, and it’s true. Where we are gathered, whether to discuss him specifically or to gather as believers, he is there and his power/presence/blood filters through all we are and what we do.

The beauty of all this is that it reaches beyond denominations. My wife kept texting me a couple weeks back, while she was in Arizona, that the conversations with my Aunt was edifying and beautiful. This is my Catholic Aunt edifying my non-denominational wife and vice-versa. Christ isn’t tied to a denomination, if he were, he would not be Lord. He is tied to God the father, where all power is held. He is tied to the hearts of those that chase after him because he is the Lord almighty. He is the alpha and omega. Amen.