Rejoice. Again I say rejoice. Join with the saints. Join with heaven. Join with creation. See the light breaking through the dark. You are no longer bound to what you were. You are no longer a slave to death, a soul wondering in the night. You have passed from death to life. You have been redeemed. Cast aside your worries. Cast aside your fears.

The one who is and is to come has. He stands beckoning you to see. He has made the world his footstool. He has put death in its proper place. He has taken your shame. He has taken your guilt and thrown it into the ocean. He has given up his soul. He has marks to show his love. His love is beyond understanding.

Stand in the presence. Smell the fragrance. You are free. I am free. We are free. What was once dead is now alive. What was once lost is found.

You. You poor wretched sinner. You stand as one cleaned. You stand as an heir. A proper member of the kingdom. All authority. All power. You now take part in the greatest of love stories. You now take part in the greatest of truths.

You are loved. He is risen. Go and tell it on the mountain.