This blog hasn’t been around for long and yet in its short existence we’ve covered two national tragedies. First, Sandy Hook and now Boston.

Frankly, I’m at a loss. I’m tired of trying to wrap my head around evil. I’m tired of trying to comprehend darkness. I’m tired of this world and all its sorrow.

I’m not interested in explaining this to my kids. I’m not interested in hearing rhetoric from those responsible. I’m not interested in seeing the perpetrators be the people remembered long after we lay to rest all the victims of today.

I want grace. I want peace. I want hope. I want joy.


Not tomorrow, not the next day, not in a week. I want these things now because these things are of the kingdom. I want to see brokenness made whole. I want to see the joy of Christ cutting through the darkness. I want to see families mended, daughters and sons welcomed home, estranged fathers rectifying relationships, single mothers loved, orphans sewn into families.

I want the good of the kingdom and its creator now. To see our world made whole and a new creation come now.

I don’t want politics and I don’t want self-serving airbags pontificating about new reform and lack of reform or repeal of laws or amending of laws. I want the spirit of the living God to come and bring the only change that is good and pure.

Don’t quote me quaint niceties, or trite sayings. These mean nothing in the face of reality. Quote me meaty, deep thoughts that challenge me. Quote me truth. Quote me grace. So that I may pass along truth and grace.

Pray for Boston. Pray for Sandy Hook. Pray for any and all tragedy. Pray for you pray for me. Pray for the person you despise. Pray for the weary. Pray for the heavy laden. Pray for the poor, the sick, the rich, the healthy, the beautiful, the ashamed, the righteous, the sinner, the lover, the hater, the wicked, the good, the strong, the weak, the young, the old, the Muslim, the gay, the straight.

Never cease praying.