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Hipstianity cannot be found in the a dictionary; it is not even something you can look up on Urban Dictionary. It was concocted by Eric Smith, one of our contributors,  along with the tag line the intersection of faith, love, and skinny jeans. Though it is a silly title we think it gets to the point of what we hope  the conversations that happen on our little web real estate.

On the sight you will find blog posts about a number of things. From music to history (Eric’s favorite topic) to current events, but you will notice the posts almost always turn toward faith. We believe faith does not just come up every once in a while, but speaks into every part of our life.

So there you go. It is a weird title, but hopefully it will not scare you away. We are two guy who enjoy to talk about a number of things in our spare time, so we thought it would be fun to commit them to writing.

So Let us sit together a moment and share thoughts.

That’s the one thing the internet does well isn’t it?  It provides a chance for different courses of thought to work their way in places that previously might not have seen nor heard them.

The downside to this is that the internet is also a place where people feel free to be their most evil.  It’s our hope that this blog falls more in line with the first idea.  That this is a place where all thoughts are welcome.  Where we can sit and discuss our hopes, fears, faiths, loves, hates.  Where you and I can be together and grow.

Grow.  Grow where you are.

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