Settle in, I’m on a soapbox. You’ll probably want to go grab a cup of coffee and a cookie, it’ll help you get through this.


Do I need go on? Christians love taking up a cause and making that the sole focus of their work and ultimately Christ don’t they? First let me place a caveat on this whole post – God bless you if you work with the poor, the sick, the orphaned, the unloved. Christ be with you and work through you.

What I’m railing against is people who find one niche, one aspect, and then present their focus as the focus of Christ. The idea somehow that the very thing they’re most focused on is the very thing you should be most focused on. That somehow Christ’s word to them and their work is the same word to all – “Jesus told me to vote Republican/Democrat, and if you don’t vote that way, you’re obviously not in tune with the spirit.”

I love music and growing up I’d bounce back and forth between – christian only or non-christian as well. If I had settled on christian only, it would be unreasonable for me to expect all to have the same vision and focus. It would also be unreasonable for me to then be annoyed with a church that never spoke out against non-christian music. The beauty and mystery of God is that he can give words to each of us and each of us have a different gift and goal.

The focus of Christ and our focus should be to bring him glory. If we feed the sick and it brings him glory, then we meet our goal. If we feed the sick, and are angry at our brother because he did not feed the sick….well….that’s a tough one to work through isn’t it? We need to maintain a sense of why we do what we do, and not make the actual work and end goal the focus.

I realize I’m building somewhat of a straw man argument and that it appears I’m against good deeds, but I’m not. What I’m trying to say is do good works, encourage your brothers and sisters to do good works, but do not become angry or let your faith be tested because you feel that someone else is not as focused on your work as you are.

I play guitar at church (#humblebrag) and I love it. I love coming together, using gifts, and singing praise to my creator, but you know what? To some people, the music aspect of church is not a big deal. Should I be upset and leave the church to find a group that are music focused only? No! We are one body with many parts and we all work together for Christ.

Don’t put human ideals and goals on Christ and claim them as his cause. Don’t claim politics and America as Christ’s goals. You do these things because of your love for Christ, not as your love for Christ. Feed the sick and love the orphans because you are sick and orphaned. God bless you as you go.

Finally – can you choose which parts of what Christ commands of us are more important than another? Can you tell me – oh God cares more about my work than yours? (Unless of course your work is something against his will). We are called to become like Christ – little Christs – Christ-ians. That means we do all, we be all we claim all. We seek and find, we don’t say – oh Christ really wants us to not drive SUVs, while being as gluttonous as we can. We are called to follow in all ways.

We have to get along. We are one body. We are one heart. We are one church.